Elegant & Religious London Engagement Party From Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography

We just love featuring photos from amazing destination photographers like Ann-Kathrin Koch because it’s like an international wedding treat for our eyes. Her photography really speaks for itself; no explanation needed for why she is one of our acclaimed Best Wedding Photographers. This beautiful couple had a traditional religious blessing called a “Mahar” – the bride had her feet washed in fresh water to signify innocence and then received the gift from the groom, which was a pair of diamond earrings. The couple went on to celebrate their London engagement with a formal dinner reception at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park which was beautifully decorated in a white and gold color scheme. Ann-Kathrin captured these unique moments so gorgeously – we are so excited to share these photos with you!

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Photographer: Ann-Kathrin Koch | Venue: Mandarin Oriental, London Hyde Park | Brides Dress: Alice by Temperley | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Florists: Wild at Heart | Catering: Mandarin Oriental