Wedding Planning Tips: How to Walk Down the Aisle with Confidence

Unless you’re lucky and someone told you the etiquette behind your strut down the aisle, you’ll want to read this bit of crucial advice from Christiane Lehman of Truly You Events, one of the best wedding planners in Pennsylvania. There’s nothing worse than a nervous bride roaming aimlessly down the aisle with no clue how terrified she actually looks. Read on for wedding planning tips in Christiane’s own words.

1. Drop the Worrying

I’ve noticed that many people (brides, grooms, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, etc.) become so focused on standing and walking the right way, they forget to actually be present and enjoy the moment! The best thing you can do as a bride is to smile and have the best time of your life. Don’t be too worried about your train or veil–that’s your maid-of-honor’s job! Look around and smile at everyone–your groom, your friends, your parents, your guests, and truly drink in the moment. The wedding day will inevitably go by in a flash, so if nothing else, please take time to look around and enjoy your wedding ceremony with a smile!

2. Keep Your Head Up!

This one is probably the most simple of my common sense tips, but please, keep your heads up ladies! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the doors open and you begin your journey down the aisle, but my advice would be to look at your Dad or the man escorting you down the aisle if you start to get a little nervous. Once you get closer to the front, you’ll be able to see your groom. Keeping your eyes on him will most definitely make you feel more relaxed and comfortable with being in the spotlight for that moment.

3. Hold Your Bouquet at the Right Level

For some reason, bouquets sometimes become a type of shield when women become nervous walking down the aisle. Instead of holding the bouquet at hip level, I’ve seen too many bouquets drift north to a bride or bridesmaid’s chest level or even–gasp–chin level! Keeping your bouquet at hip level will make your arms appear long and slender and will most definitely create a more beautiful photo than if you’re essentially hiding behind a bunch roses. We see you! Keep your head up and the flowers down, pretty please.

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