How to Choose Your Wedding Colors From XOXO Bride Events

My friends always think I’d have my wedding all planned out and that I’d know exactly what colors and designs I would want. But honestly, that’s not the case. The more you look at other people’s weddings–or the more weddings I feature, rather–the more confused you get (at least that’s true in my case). So we asked the talented wedding planners at XOXO Bride Events for some advice on how to choose your wedding colors and here’s what the experts have to say:

“The overall theme and color palette you choose for your wedding express to your guests your couple style. Just as a guest can get a sense of who you are when they walk into your home, the same concepts applies when they walk into your wedding. It’s the first time on a grand stage that your collaborative styles come together.

Colors have a big impact on the overall feel for your wedding. Bright colors show a fun and lively attitude while dark and neutral colors evoke romance and sophistication.

The easiest way to pick your wedding colors is to base it on your own personal style. What colors, textures and patterns are your eyes drawn too? We broke down the three most popular styles to help you identify which colors fit you best.”


Featured Photographer: Braedon Flynn

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Featured Photographer: Erich McVey

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Featured Photographer: Joy Marie

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