FAQs: The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Rings

Two of my absolute favorite things to stumble across are gorgeous engagement rings that make you “swoon sick” and neat wedding planning infographics like these and these. As you can imagine, today is totally my day! And lucky for you, we’re answering the most frequently asked questions about engagement rings and throwing in some really cool visual aids you’ll definitely want to keep in the pocket. Get the details below!

What Engagement Ring Style Fits My Personality?

Are you an “Attention Seeker Bride” or a “Sparkle Addict”? Bespoke Diamonds breaks it all down for us below with a really cool explanation of all the most popular ring styles. If you have no idea what ring style works best for you, this is a must see!


Justice Jewelers does a really cool break down as well! But remember that it’s okay to like what you like, even if your personality doesn’t fit into a “standard” category.


Is it Okay to Discuss Engagement Rings with my Boyfriend?

Probably not, unless he asks for your input. Otherwise, he may feel a little pressured. Perhaps this is a good tidbit of information from White Flash to share with your guy ONLY if he has explicitly asked about your preferences. Until then, keep this on deck for the right moment.


If you and your guy ARE having a very open conversation and he has expressed that he could use a little direction about your engagement ring, share this graphic with him via Pinterest


How Do I Pick a Ring for My Future Husband?

It’s nice to think that the wedding ring is all about you, but it’s not! Sorry. The ring is not all about the bling and the impromptu show-and-tell sessions. Your guy actually gets to wear a ring too! We all know that, yes. But it’s so easy to forget that an equal amount of detail should go into this process as well. After all, he also has to wear this thing everyday for the rest of his life! So get something that he will be proud to wear! Here’s a graphic via Hitched that should point you in the right direction.


How Do I Know What Size Ring He Wears?

Here are a few clever tricks from Meetville to help you get all the information you need without telling him a thing.


What Practical Information Do I Need to Know?

First, have your ring appraised and insured. This is a huge investment that you’ll want to protect. Second, take protective cleaning measures to preserve your ring and keep it brilliant and shining. Check out the information below from Brilliance.


How Do I Keep My Ring Clean?

You’ll be surprised at the practical cleaning agents you can use around the house to clean your ring. See more below via Ritani.


 What Are the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles?

42% of brides surveyed below prefer a halo style ring. See additional details about national proposal trends in this interesting graphic from Shane Co. 


Why Do People Wear Engagement Rings Anyway?

This is such a great question that isn’t so clear cut (no pun intended). The history of engagement rings dates back to Ancient Egypt. Here’s a really neat history lesson from Shane Co. to fill you in.