Inspiring Designers Show Off Creative Wedding Cakes

When it comes to beautiful wedding cakes, creativity, color, and texture are a few of the most important factors–these lovely desserts cover all three of those requirements. Featuring bold floral designs and masterfully painted layers, these beauties have us awe-struck and excited! Keep it moving to see our editor’s picks of the most creative wedding cakes. Enjoy!

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Featured Photography: Harwell Photography via 100 Layer Cake | Featured Cake: Highland Bakery

wedding-cakes-2-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-3-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-4-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-5-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-6-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-7-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-8-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-9-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Maggie Austin

wedding-cakes-10-04232015-kyFeatured Photography: Kristen Ellis | Featured Cake: Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach

wedding-cakes-15-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Elysia Root Cakes | Featured Photography: Christy Tyler Photography

wedding-cakes-16-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Elysia Root Cakes

wedding-cakes-17-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Elysia Root Cakes | Featured Photography: Edward Fox Photography

wedding-cakes-18-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Elysia Root Cakes | Featured Photography: Megan Saul Photography

wedding-cakes-19-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Elysia Root Cakes | Featured Photography: Olivia Leigh Photographie

wedding-cakes-20-04232015-kyFeatured Cake: Classic City Confections | Featured Photography: Chloe Giancola Photography via Ruffled

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