JCG Events Shares Wedding Ceremony Ideas For You And Your Fiance

Just got engaged and not sure where to begin? Planning your wedding ceremony sounds like a good place to start. We asked one of the Best Wedding Planners in the industry, Jessica and Michael of JCG Events to share some insight on how to plan the perfect wedding ceremony for you and your fiancé.

“The wedding ceremony should be infused with personal touches and be reflective of the couple and their relationship. This begins with the venue selected to have your ceremony, whether underneath a gorgeous banyan tree, by the beach or a modern art gallery it should be of significance to the couple. This can be as simple as them both really loving the space. You can also infuse these personal touches within the ceremony such as finding a unique way to incorporate your closest friends and family into the ceremony, incorporating traditions such as a unity candle or wine ceremonial box.”

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Featured Photographer: Katie Lopez Photography


Featured Photographer: Katie Lopez Photography


Featured Photographer: 1313 Photography


Featured Photographer: Erika Delgado Photography


Featured Photographer: Jose Villa


Featured Photographer: PS Photography

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Featured Photographer: Katie Lopez Photography


Featured Photographer: KT Merry Photography


Featured Photographer: 1313 Photography

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