Unique, Modern Wedding Cakes Raise the Bar for Designers

Yeah, yeah. We all know what gorgeous wedding cakes look like. But what about the kind of cake that’s so masterfully designed it challenges everything you think you knew about wedding cakes? That is what these beauties attempt to do. Featuring creative use of texture, lines, color and shape; these ultra-modern wedding cakes give us a tiny glimpse into the future of weddings. Designers are definitely thinking outside the cake box, and we love it!

wedding-cake-2-04162015-kyFeatured Photography: Back Road Photography | Featured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets

wedding-cake-5-04162015-kyFeatured Photography: Melissa Schollaert Photography

wedding-cake-7-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-8-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-9-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-4-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Make Me My Cake

wedding-cake-10-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-11-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-12-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-14-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-16-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-17-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-18-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-19-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Charm City Cakes

Featured Cake: Charm City Cakes

wedding-cake-21-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop | Featured Photography: Mark Brooke Photography

wedding-cake-23-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets | Featured Photography: Feather & Twine Photography

wedding-cake-24-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets | Featured Photography: Feather & Twine Photography

wedding-cake-25-04162015-kyFeatured Cake: Sugar Bee Sweets | Featured Photography: Perez Photography

wedding-cake-26-04162015-kyFeaturedCake: Madison Lee’s Cakes  | Photographer & Videographer: Betsi Ewing Studio

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