Wedding Venues: What You Should Know About Booking a Private Estate

The bride-to-be looking for a diamond-in-the-rough kind of wedding venue might consider looking into private estate wedding venues. This is a great way to personalize your venue space and create something that hasn’t been done already. We spoke with the experts at Lyndsey Hamilton Estates–a curation of estates and private homes for wedding and event rentals–to find out what things you should know before you book. Here are the details:

What are the advantages of planning a wedding at a private estate?

The greatest advantage of planning a wedding at a private estate or any other “found” location is the opportunity to plan and design a completely unique wedding. Though there are many beautiful and distinct ballrooms and dedicated event spaces, over time those venues can become formulaic and somewhat tired. In general, couples who opt to plan their wedding at a private estate or a “found” location are still few and far between. Additionally, new estates and “found” locations are popping up every day. Thus, couples are able to pick and choose a wedding venue that is truly reflective of their personality and to design a wedding without having to follow “the formula.”

Another important advantage of planning a wedding at a private estate or other “found” location is being able to hire any wedding vendors you wish. Whether it is the caterer who specializes in Southern French cuisine or the floral and event design team who so effortlessly captures your wedding day vision, private estate weddings give the couple the freedom to work with whom they wish to create their wedding day.

What are the disadvantages of planning a wedding at a private estate?

The disadvantage of planning a wedding at a private estate or any other non-event ready location is the need to dedicate a significant portion of the wedding budget to making the space event ready. Unlike the hotel ballroom wedding, the private estate wedding often requires renting a tent, flooring, and heating and/or air conditioning. This basic event infrastructure may be the principal wedding day plan or the necessary rain plan in the event of inclement weather. The couple must also rent all tables, chairs, china, flatware, glassware, linens, etc. And finally, in many cases, the couple is also responsible for renting restrooms and building a “field kitchen” for their caterer.

Do we have to hire a wedding planner?

Because there are so many moving pieces in a private estate wedding, most private estates do require that the couple hire a day-of wedding coordinator at the minimum. Though many brides and grooms want to be “hands-on” in the planning of their wedding, it is incredibly beneficial to enlist the help of an event professional who specializes in private estate or “off-premise” weddings, from the beginning of the planning process. These professionals bring years of event experience to the table, will quickly spot potential issues, and will quickly have the solutions to those issues.

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