10 Great Wedding Planning Infographics You Will Need

We love a good tidbit of wedding planning information that makes the process seem much easier! So, today we’re bringing to you some of our favorite wedding planning infographics that you should probably save and use as a reference as you embark upon this new and exciting journey. Scroll along to get the details.

Top Featured Image via A Girl’s World

Fun Facts About Weddings You Probably Didn’t know

The following graphic from Heritage Portfolio offers some cool information about wedding trends that helps put the whole thing in perspective. Like, who knew that most wedding planning arguments involve the seating plan!?


The Real Reason Weddings are So Freakin Expensive

Yes, we know that weddings can cost a ton. But, why? This heaven-sent graphic breaks it all the way down. Image via Infographics List


Which Engagement Ring Style is Right for You?

I love this engagement ring guide via Bridal Musings! It’s the perfect visual aid to help you decide which style you’d love! Might you be a vintage kinda gal or will a glamorous look best suit you? Find out below!


Sexy Little Secrets Behind the Bridal Lingerie

Now these are the funny little details to which we should pay way more attention. Every dress style will require a unique kind of lingerie, so what’s right for one bride may not be right for you. Check out this guide from HerRoom and get answers to all the most frequently asked bridal lingerie questions.


The Hunt for the Perfect Wedding Venue

Not sure yet where you and the beau want to tie the knot? No worries, you aren’t alone. Many couples experience some indecisiveness about the venue: “Do we go with a backyard private celebration, and save money? Or do we book the glam ballroom and have a blow out affair that will go down in history?” Here are some important things to consider via Tide Creative.


Wedding Ceremony: The Traditional Processsional

Once the big day gets a little closer, you may find yourself stressing about the simplest details, like when during the processional to send mom down the aisle. There is a method to this madness, so feel free NOT to reinvent the wheel. Take a look at this graphic via Disney to learn the order of a traditional wedding processional.


Wedding Reception Serving Sizes

Not sure how much food and beverage are needed to serve your entire guest list? Here’s a little insight from Chickabug to get you on the right track.


What to Know Before Hiring a Caterer

Once you have the guest list and the budget in place, then you can begin your search for the perfect wedding caterer. But before you sign your name on the dotted line, read this information from Home Gurr’own and answer each of these important questions.


Tips for Tipping Your Vendors

When you create your budget, you’ll want to factor in the cost of tipping so it’s not a big surprise later that breaks the bank. Check out this useful little guide from iloveswmag.com to find out how much should be allocated to each vendor and when.


Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer wedding season is just around the corner, and we already can’t get enough of the gorgeous floral ideas for the warmer months. Here are some of best summertime florals per hitched.com.au.