10 Wedding Planning Infographics to Get You on the Right Track

What we love about wedding planning infographics are the cool new ideas that keep us on our toes throughout the process. From the commonly asked questions for wedding venues down to the foods you should avoid just before the wedding, we have you covered with these super helpful tips from the professionals. Take a look, and learn a little!

Wedding Planning

Lauren Conrad created this super easy visual breakdown of the wedding planning timeline. If you need the details explained as simple as possible, this is what you want to keep by your side.


Wedding Hacks: Looking for a few good ways to save money? You’ll love these clever ideas from Story Mix Media.


Often, DIY brides have questions about how to organize with the wedding venue. Check out this helpful guide from Martin’s Caterers for the best questions you should ask.


Want to know what other brides LOVE? Take a look at the commonalities below in this infographic from Phase Eight.


Wedding Themes

The Hipster Wedding: This is a super fun road map to discovering what defines a true hipster wedding. How much do you know? Featured Infographic:  via Refinery 29


Summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings. If you’re daydreaming about a summer celebration in the great outdoors, read this first! Featured Infographic: Griffin Toilet Hire


Wedding Dresses and Style

Need to catch up on the most popular wedding dress trends of 2015? Well, here ya go! Featured Infographic: Pearlyn and Paper via The Wedding Scoop


Okay, so if you know a guy who’s about to propose to his lady, do him a favor and send along this simple guide. All he needs to do is answer one question: modern or vintage? Featured Infographic: Austin Consignment Store


Roles of the Wedding Party

In case you have no clue what the bridal party should do during the wedding, here’s a list of roles for all the most important people. Featured Infographic: Aisle Perfect


Pre-Wedding Beauty Rules

Though your anxiety levels may be sky high the week before the wedding, you can maintain a healthy diet to keep yourself energized, glowing, and pimple free. Avoid these foods at all costs! Featured Inforgraphic: Simply Bridal


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