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Meet Leanne of Leanne Pedersen Photographers:

I grew up with a large family in a small town in the Okanagan Valley and have been photographing moments in my life since early elementary school days.

I have always wanted to be a photographer.

Through years of practice, education, travel, assisting, producing, teaching, awards, experiences and countless shoots, my dreams to create memorable moments and experiences for others developed and ultimately led to my career as a wedding photographer.

I now live with my small family in a big town on Canada’s west coast and in thirteen years of photographing weddings and 17 years in the wedding industry, I continue to find inspiration through the relationships + experiences I have with people and the constant creative projects i find for myself.

I have a very photogenic toddler I can’t get enough of and when I’m not making pictures of people in love, I am often making them of her.

I am a people lover, a storyteller and i enjoy movies with beautiful cinematography. I love light, good design and all things well made. I appreciate subtle details and photographing weddings often accommodates this appreciation wonderfully. However, I’m also thrilled to discover beauty in unassuming places. I love new experiences and first times. so traveling is a lifelong passion. I love my family. I think children are hilarious and keep us young. I experience many heartwarming moments during a wedding day, but my favorites are often listening to speeches and witnessing the reactions people have to them. I always fall in love with my clients a little bit more after hearing their loved ones talk about them.

I love to connect and create and i hope to do this with you!

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