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Elegant Autumn-Themed New York Wedding at Oheka Castle


October is an absolutely beautiful month for a New York wedding. Indeed, Barrie and Joe tied the knot with this elegant autumn-themed event at the Oheka Castle, and Christian Oth was there to capture every single detail. Thanks to event planner Leslie Price of In Any Event, we’re wrapped up in a cloud of seasonal magic painted in burnet orange. If you’re in the midst of planning an epic Autumn-style celebration, start here and take away some great inspiration!

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Event Planning and Production: Leslie Price | Location: Oheka Castle Hotel & Estate | Photography: Christian Oth | Videography: Films by Francesco | Catering: Creative Edge Parties | Florals: LMD New York | Invitations and Paper Goods: Regas | Calligraphy: Bryn Chernoff | Music: Star Talent, Deanna Jones Orchestra | Photobooth: NYC Photobooth | Hair: Alex, Gloss and Glam | Makeup: Nam Vo | Cake: Ron Ben- Israel | Transportation: Go Brilliant | Welcome Bags: Sara Gracious Goodies