Flower Power: Classic Floral Wedding Hairstyles by Jackie Schneider


Written by Jackie Schneider

Hair stylist and makeup artist Jackie Schneider teamed up with Clean Plate Pictures to showcase a fusion of “flower power” and classic chic bridal looks. The result? A perfect balance of natural and whimsical bridal beauty. Jackie points to her amazing clientele as her source of inspiration. “My brides typically want as little makeup as possible and really hope to project beauty and sophistication without looking overly done,” said Jackie.


Theses three hairstyles were created without the use of extensions to show that brides can have fun texture without adding too much artifice. In order to provide a little volume that wasn’t too fussy looking, Jackie backcombed the crown sections, smoothed the top layer over it, and loosely pinned. Pieces can be plucked out to give a windswept vibe, and braids like the fishtail should be pulled apart section by section to make them look more organic.


For makeup, Jackie’s aim was to subtly underscore each woman’s best features. Both women have striking eyes and amazing skin, so she opted for light foundation coverage and a diffused, subtle smokey eye. A great way to achieve a natural look that will still pop in photos is to choose shadows that match the tonality of the bride’s skin and add depth with layering and blending. She used summery peachy nudes for the lip and cheeks for that fresh-faced look.
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Article written by Jackie Schneider | Hair and Makeup: Jackie Schneider | Photography: Clean Plate Pictures