Summer Wedding Ideas: 22 Things to Do With Strawberries

Is it just me, or are the strawberries super ripe and yummy this year? I’m so glad about that because this succulent summertime fruit isn’t just a tasty treat served with champagne at cocktail hour anymore. Now, strawberries make up the wedding cake design, a perfect wedding favor, a decor inspiration, etc. If you are a strawberry lover like me, check out a few strawberry inspired wedding ideas to try at your own wedding!

Eats, Treats, and Cocktails

wedding-ideas-0-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Cassidy Brooke

wedding-ideas-13-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Andrea Patricia Photography

Wedding Cakes

wedding-ideas-7-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Stewart Leishman

wedding-ideas-8-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Red on Blonde Photography | Featured Cake: Frances Quinn

wedding-ideas-11-05292015-ky Featured Photography: Stephanie Sunderland Photography


wedding-ideas-14-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Rebekah J Murray Photography

wedding-ideas-15-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Phillip Van Nostrand

wedding-ideas-16-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Phillip Van Nostrand

Strawberry-Inspired Decor

wedding-ideas-17-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: KT Merry via Style Me Pretty

wedding-ideas-18-05292015-kyFeatured Photography: Brklyn View Photography

wedding-ideas-20-05292015-ky Featured Photography: Philip Ficks via The Knot

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