10 Must-Read Wedding Planning Tips

While you’re wedding planning, certain details may not be very clear at first–like what kind of flowers are only available during your wedding season or who should give a speech at the reception. Among other things, there is so much for you to learn! But don’t worry. We’re outlining all the details below with professional tips and graphics. See more below!

How Should Guests Dress for the Wedding?

Ok, so let’s start with the guests. Finding something to wear as a guest can be a tough process if you don’t know what’s appropriate and acceptable. Check out these useful attire guidelines below via Wedding101.net. And if you’re the bride or groom, include some instruction by using one of the designated terms on your invitations. Guests will appreciate the heads up.


What Do You Call  This Wedding Dress Neckline, Again?

I get questions all the time about the perfect wedding dress neckline. While you’ll have to have a great idea of your own body type in order to select a flattering neckline, here are quite a few options via Paper Blog to help you with your bridal vocabulary.


Which Wedding Traditions Should I Know?

Some wedding traditions are going to be around for years and years to come. Ever wonder how these traditions came about? Check out theses cool facts via Glitzy Secrets


I’m Engaged! What Now?

EngagementRing.org shares some of the most informed facts about the engagement period.


How Much Do Weddings Cost?

Turbo Tax breaks it all the way down. Here’s what you can expect to spend on your wedding.


What Are the Best Flowers to Use for a Spring Wedding?

Certain flowers are better used in the spring season. Loverly explains what they are below.


Which Flowers are Available Year Around?

If you don’t want the hassle of planning your wedding 6-12 months before the date and then finding out your flowers aren’t available anymore, stick to the flowers that you can find during any season. See more via Green Wedding Shoes.


How Can I Customize a “Fun Facts” Graphic About My Wedding?

I looooove this idea via Etsy. Create a fun facts chart and share the details about your engagement with your wedding guests. How cool, right?


What Should I Know About Booking a Destination Wedding?

Thinking about a destination wedding? Take a look at this info via Home Away before you decide.


Tell Me Everything about the Wedding Speeches!

This is something EVERYONE should read. And if you know a guy (your dad, fiancé, or friend) who will give a wedding speech one day soon, please send this along. The guide below by Wedding Speech Coach outlines that perfect way to give a good speech.


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