20 Great Beach Wedding Ideas for Summer


Summer is here, and the beach weddings are in the works! Curious to know how to pair natural beach elements with your decor? Want a few ideas for your table settings that will certainly make guests feel totally relaxed? Check out these fantastic beach wedding ideas below for a little inspiration.

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wedding-ideas-1-06272015-kyFeatured Photo via Colin Cowie Weddings

wedding-ideas-2-06272015-ky Featured Photography: Elizabeth Lloyd

wedding-ideas-3-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Lauren Fair

wedding-ideas-4-06272015-kyFeatured Photo via Fab Mood

wedding-ideas-5-06272015-kyFeatured Photo via Fab Mood

wedding-ideas-6-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Binaryflips Photography

wedding-ideas-7-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Anna Roussos

wedding-ideas-8-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: The Studio B Photography via Wedding Chicks

wedding-ideas-9-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Orbie Pullen Photography

wedding-ideas-10-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: SMS Photography vis Style Me Pretty

wedding-ideas-11-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Matt Edge Photography

wedding-ideas-12-06272015-kyFeatured Photo via Colin Cowie Weddings

wedding-ideas-13-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Hello Miss Lovely

wedding-ideas-14-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Hello Miss Lovely

wedding-ideas-15-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Style Art Life

wedding-ideas-15b-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Style Art Life

wedding-ideas-16-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Steve Cowell Photo

wedding-ideas-17-06272015-kyFeatured Photo via Colin Cowie Weddings

wedding-ideas-18-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: MNC Photography

wedding-ideas-19-06272015-kyFeatured Photography: Steve Steinhardt Photography

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