Best Wedding Photographers in England: Jacob & Pauline Photography

Meet Jacob and Pauline from Jacob & Pauline Photography:

Hi, we’re Jacob and Pauline, a loving couple who share a passion for photography.

We attended an art university to study our craft, and although Pauline has been focused on photography from the start, Jacob originally studied at a film school. After working together on a few creative projects, love grew, and since then we have been together. From there, we’ve been spending days and nights learning new skills about light in the studio, telling the stories of those around us in the form of photographic stills, and learning how to truly portray somebody’s personality through the lens of a camera.

You may be wondering why we have chosen weddings. The simple answer is that we love capturing stories, and weddings are by far the best place for that. It is a chance to see true love and raw emotion, whilst being in the midst of the happiest day of people’s lives. We have the opportunity to mix styles, such as documentary photography and fashion photos, which gives us the chance to be immersed in all of our interests in the space of just one day!

Your wedding is one of the most important day in your life and with that in mind, this makes our job not only hugely important, but a real honour. It’s something we pour our heart and soul in to. Therefore we do only a limited number of weddings each year to ensure that we can put 110% precision into each and every wedding.

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