Best Wedding Photographers in New Hampshire: Ruth Eileen Photography

Meet Ruth from Ruth Eileen Photography:

I began shooting weddings in 2010 and have captured around 40+ special wedding days since then. My approach is a mix of photojournalism and creative portraiture, and I shoot in two different mediums – film and digital. Being a photographer, however, is about so much more than these stats and facts. I believe that photography really comes to life when it’s personal and when it serves a greater purpose than just the click of the button.

When I’m not behind a camera you can find me traveling with my hubby, Chris, or snuggling up to a recent episode of Law and Order. Chris and I have been married for 4 years and each day spent with him just gets sweeter and sweeter. We also enjoy serving and doing life with our church community.

I’m a firm believer that there is beauty in simplicity, and that is exactly what I strive for in everything I do. There are so many facets of life that fire me up about living to the fullest in the everyday. Simple and full. That’s the goal. Yet, while I aim to live in this way, I believe this life is not my own. I am called to a greater purpose even beyond simplicity and fullness, and that is to live for the glory of God.

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