Best Wedding Planning Advice from the Pros

It’s a great thing to come across wedding planning tips packaged so nicely. With that in mind, we’re sharing some pretty resourceful tools below to reference during the planning process. From advice on how to address invitations down to a comprehensive bridal bouquet guide, these infographics will give you a push in the right direction. Take a look!

Digital Wedding Etiquette

There’s no doubt that you’ll use technology during the wedding planning process. Thanks to Wedding Paper Divas‘ awesome graphic below, we’re bringing you all the necessary rules and etiquette.


Addressing Wedding Invitations

If this isn’t the coolest guide to addressing wedding invitations by Park Slope Press, I don’t know what is!


Wedding Planning Milestones

Shane Co. breaks it down so simple. Know your wedding planning milestones, and you’re on your way to having everything under control.


Wedding Planning Must Haves

According to The Grove, there are 10 things you need to have at your wedding. Learn more below.


Honeymoon Planning

Hipmunk surveyed over 200 people to get the details for this super helpful guide on honeymoons. Learn about a reasonable budget and find out what ideas are trending.


Bridal Style

Before you head to the bridal salon to say “yes” to the dress, learn the proper lingo and walk in there like a pro! Featured Graphic: Personalized Mall


Bridal Style

This one from My Online Wedding Help is a personal favorite. The first thing you should know about wedding dresses is that all gowns are not created equally or sized the same. Learn more below!


Wedding Cake

Mmmm, cake! Pick a cake, a filling, and a frosting, then you have all the important parts you need for a delicious wedding cake. See below for the best ingredient options via Craftsy.


Wedding Moments to Capture

Before the wedding, your photographer may ask you to send over a list of all the special moments you want to capture on camera. Use this list from Wedding Mix to generate great photo ideas.


Save Your Money

Don’t you just love that feeling of saving lots and lots of money? Read on, and use these clever ideas to keep your pockets from going empty. Featured Graphic: Quick Quid


Bridal Flowers

A cascading bouquet is my personal favorite. Find out which type fits you the best via Bridesign.


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