Fun Carnival Themed Malibu Wedding


If you are a big kid at heart, you will especially love this wedding because what big kid doesn’t love carnivals? Onelove photography captured the fun and equally elegant essence of Sandy and Mike’s Malibu wedding. The photos taken in front of the carnival ferris wheel add a child-like fun element to the couple’s wedding. However, don’t think there aren’t sophisticated elements to this chic wedding — there are tons of gorgeous floral garlands, beautiful draping and pretty gold accents all throughout the ceremony and reception. This wedding will take you on a rollercoaster from your childhood favorites to your adult obsessions.

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Photographer: onelove photography | Florist: Flower Allie | Videographer: Elysium | DJ: DJ FX | Hair and Makeup: Kelly Zhang | Coordination: Samantha Douglas{"url":"","count":38})