Practical Wedding Planning Tools to Help You Prepare

As you may know, we love a good wedding infographic containing all necessary information about the wedding planning process. From the cake size down to the process for changing your last name, these handy info tools should be of great use to you. See for yourself!

Top Featured Image: Steve Steinhardt Photography

Wedding Cakes

When it comes to the wedding cake, size matters. Once you prepare your guest list and determine how many people you’re inviting, then you can decide how many layers you will need and at what size. Image by Iced Gems

Wedding Rings

Thinking about rocking an alternative to diamond. If so, that’s quite alright. Just be informed about the differences. Featured Image:


While you’re at it, learn a little bit about the history of diamonds. Featured Image:



Ever wonder why brides toss the bouquet or why it’s tradition to wear a veil? Learn about it here. Featured Images: Wedding Bug Studios


Wedding ideas

Oh! I love this DIY tutorial. Find out how to create cool bridal projects, like a personalized bridal hanger for you and your bridesmaids. Featured Image: Moissanite


Destination Weddings

Ready to pack a bag and tie the knot at a beautiful destination location? Read this first for the details. Featured Image: Home Away


Wedding Venue created a great resource to have by your side as you search the perfect venue. Take a look!


How to Change Your Name

This is one of the most practical bits of information, and we are so glad Simply Bridal created this. Find out how to take on his last name without the hassle.