Wedding Ideas: 20 Delicious Signature Cocktails

Give wedding guests a taste of your personality with these beautiful and delicious signature cocktail ideas. Each one features a unique garnish or creative use of color and a cool presentation. What a great way to start the celebration–with a toast to your love! Get more great wedding ideas below.

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wedding-ideas-1-06032015-kyFeatured Cocktail: Tequila Sunrise | Featured Photography: Jodi McDonald Photography

wedding-ideas-2-06032015-kyFeatured Cocktail: Piña Colada | Featured Photography: Polly Alexandre

wedding-ideas-3-06032015-kyFeatured Photography: Max Wanger

wedding-ideas-4-06032015-kyFeatured Photography: Nina Mullins Photography

wedding-ideas-5-06032015-kyFeatured Photography: Taylor Lord Photography

wedding-ideas-6-06032015-kyFeatured Photography: Two Foxes Photography via Wedding Chicks

wedding-ideas-7-06032015-ky Featured Photography: Andie Freeman Photography

wedding-ideas-13-06032015-kyFeatured Photography: Candace Jeffrey Photography

wedding-ideas-18-06032015-kyFeatured Photography: Nathan Westerfield

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