21 Cutest Mini Wedding Cakes Ever

Mini wedding cakes are the most adorable desserts in any bake shop. The designer who can create such a beautiful cake design on such a small landscape gets major cool points from me! Even more impressive than the miniature designs are the things you can do with a set of mini cakes–like send guests home with bite size treats or replicate your main wedding cake to create a memorable wow factor! Either way, mini cakes are making waves. See below for some delicious inspiration.

wedding-cakes-4-07242015-kyFeatured Photography: Anna Roussos

wedding-cakes-5-07242015-kyFeatured Photography: Jenny Sun Photography

wedding-cakes-8-07242015-ky Featured Cakes: Style Cakes | Featured Photography: Milton Photography

wedding-cakes-13-07242015-kyFeatured Cakes: Cakes by Krishanthi | Featured Photography: Eddie Judd

wedding-cakes-14-07242015-kyFeatured Photography: Jodi McDonald | Featured Cake: Frosted Indulgence

wedding-cakes-15-07242015-kyFeatured Photography: Tyllie Barbosa 

wedding-cakes-16-07242015-kyFeatured Cake: Sophie Sucree | Featured Photography: Tim Chin Photography + Design

wedding-cakes-18-07242015-kyFeatured Photography: Colin Miller

wedding-cakes-17-07242015-kyFeatured Photography: Colin Miller

wedding-cakes-19-07242015-kyFeatured Photography: Hudson Nichols via Ruffled

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