Best Wedding Photographers in California: Caroline Frost

Meet Caroline Frost:

I grew up in Northern California and moved to NYC when I was 18 to attend New York University, I met and married a New Yorker i met there, getting myself “stuck” there for 9 years (as i like to remind him), but now my heart will always be torn between the two. I do love New York, I have to admit, where my favorite meal (brunch) is not just for Mother’s Day and where my favorite beverage (coffee) is an art, but when I am in NYC, I do miss nature, the happy people, fresh produce and ever-present sunshine of California.

Pursuing wedding photography as a career was a huge leap of faith. I was so unfulfilled at my desk job and had no idea how to get out. I always had a yearning to create, but for awhile I was too afraid that my camera might spit on me, reject me and make me broke if I pursued this art that was calling me. “How many people make a living doing something creative anyways?” I used to think. Nevertheless, I quit my job with only one wedding booked and never looked back, because in response to that leap of faith, the business came rushing in almost instantly. I am so grateful to Melissa Vossler, my wedding photographer, who opened up the idea to me of wedding photography as an art, and to several other photographers (especially Judy Pak) who gave me awesome advice and portfolio building opportunities early in my career. Most of all, thank you to Jesus and my supportive husband, Alex, for helping me overcome that fear of failure and giving me the courage to fight for a career that I love.

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