Divine Atelier Wedding Dresses 2015 Nostalgia Collection

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The ‘Nostalgia 2015′ Collection of Divine Atelier wedding dresses inspired by the atmosphere of the 1920s offers a potpourri of feminine figures, aesthetical symbols of those fascinating times.

Seductive and nostalgic, mysterious and enigmatic, dreaming and innocent, the characters of these wedding gowns breathe the air of a unique, precious style reflecting the magnetic power of an age that marked the history of literature and film-making. The appearance of the entireDivine Atelier collection emerges through the fabrics used: ethereal silk, fluid silky tulle, vintage embroidery, lace of sensuous beauty. See the complete collection in slideshow.

Photos: Courtesy of Divine Atelier

divine-atelier-wedding dress-1-07302015nz divine-atelier-wedding dress-2-07302015nz divine-atelier-wedding dress-3-07302015nz divine-atelier-wedding dress-4-07302015nz divine-atelier-wedding dress-5-07302015nz

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