Exquisite Montego Bay Wedding at Round Hill Resort & Villas


When A Day of Bliss sent over photos from this stunning Montego Bay wedding, I daydreamed a little of a great time under the hot sun laying out with piña coladas. I guess that is the beauty of a destination wedding–you get a celebration and a honeymoon wrapped up in one nice package with a huge bow! The Round Hill Resort & Villas took care of IT ALL, from the planning to the floral design, cake, and catering. I almost can’t believe how perfect this event turned out! See more photos below for destination wedding ideas.

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Photography: A Day of Bliss | Event Planning, Floral Design, Cake, and Catering: Round Hill Resort & Villas | Makeup and Hair: Hot Pink Style | DJ: Beat Train Productions, Sam Turner | Wedding Dress: Ines di Santo