New York Wedding: Public Library Transformed into Garden Hideaway


It’s on thing to have a gorgeous wedding. But it’s another thing to have a gorgeous New York wedding at The New York Public Library, the nation’s largest public library system. In Any Event planned an epic celebration featuring adorable library book table numbers and dramatic floral design resembling an enchanting garden hideaway. If you’re a book lover, you’ll certainly appreciate the ingenuity behind this fabulous celebration of love. Check out photos below from Heather Waraksa. But be warned–this is a breath taking experience!

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Event Planning and Production: Leslie Price, In Any Event | Ceremony Venue: The New York Palace Hotel | Reception Venue: The New York Public Library | Photography: Heather Waraksa | Music: Star Talent | Catering: Olivier Cheng Catering and Events | Florist: Lewis Miller Design | Lighting: Luminous Design, Inc. | Videography: Jesse Hartman, Hart Pictures | Makeup: Nam Vo | Hair: Nikki Avanzino{"url":"","count":2080})