Pink Art Deco Brooklyn Wedding Inspiration – Part II


If you’ve seen Part I of this gorgeous Brooklyn wedding inspiration, then you’ve probably already fallen in love with the pink art deco design theme created by Bastille Flowers & Events and coordinated by Coordinated To Perfection. We’re loving these jazzy details so much that we couldn’t wait to find out how to re-create the look on our own. Lucky us, we have all the trade secrets right here … straight from the masterminds themselves. In just 15 minutes, you can add a custom, personal touch to your own wedding with these metallic DIY projects using candles and fresh berries. See images below from Jessica Schmitt Photography for more!

Items Needed:

  • Matches
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Metallic Tattoos (We recommend JewelTats
  • Water
  • Moist paper towel
  • Glass votive candles
  • Pillar candles: 3- ivory 2″ x 6″ and 1- black 3″ x4″


DIY Votive Candleholder

  • Step 1: Cut out your tattoo
  • Step 2: Remove the plastic covering
  • Step 3: Apply face down on surface of candle or votive
  • Step 4: Hold in place and apply pressure with the moist (not soaking wet) paper towel. Inch by inch move the moist paper towel slowly along the tattoo moistening the entire surface.
  • Step 5: Repeat step 4
  • Step 6: Slowly remove the paper backing from the tattoo. Be careful not to touch the tattoo yet. It must dry before you touch it or it may tear.

brooklyn-wedding-22-07152015-ky-part2brooklyn-wedding-3-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-4-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-5-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-6-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-13-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-21-07152015-ky-part2

DIY Ribbon Candle Detail

  • Step 1: Group your candles and measure out your ribbon by wrapping around candles then cut
  • Step 2: Put a small piece of double sided table on the side of the ribbon that will adhere to the candle and on the end of the ribbon that will wrap around and close off the ribbon band * do not attach until the tattoo has been applied to ribbon
  • Step 3: Measure and cut the tattoo
  • Step 4: Follow same application steps as listed above
  • Step 5: Once tattoo has been applied to ribbon you can then attach your ribbon to the candle

brooklyn-wedding-31-07152015-kybrooklyn-wedding-2-07152015-ky-part2brooklyn-wedding-7-07152015-ky-part2brooklyn-wedding-8-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-9-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-10-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-11-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-12-07152015-ky-part2

Metallic Dusted Strawberries

  • Step 1: Clean and prepare fresh strawberries.
  • Step 2: Use fingers and metallic Lustre Dust to lightly coat strawberries
  • Step: Place strawberries in a clear bowl for visibility and use as a table focal piece.

brooklyn-wedding-18-07152015-ky-part2brooklyn-wedding-14-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-15-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-17-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-16-07152015-ky-part2 brooklyn-wedding-18-07152015-ky

Click here to see Part I of this gorgeous art deco wedding inspiration!

Wedding Coordinator: Coordinated To Perfection | Photography: Jessica Schmitt Photography | Venue: 501 Union | Flower And Event Design: Bastille Flowers & Events | Videography: NST Pictures | Black Feather Hairpiece: Olivia Headpieces | Brides Shoes: Brian Atwood | Dresses: Jean-Ralph Thurin | Linens: BBJ Linen | Metallic Tattoos: Jewel Tats | Pillow Decor: Starling On Bond | Table Numbers And Decals: LBV Designs | Jewelry: Madison Gems | Cake Pops: Cakes Jagla | Stationery: Royale Amethyst | Fashion Stylist: Vainglorious Brides | Hair Stylist: Lawanda Pierre | Makeup: Face The Day NY | Models: Carley Beck and Jillian Tayeh{"url":"","count":1})