Wedding Ideas: 20 Edible Reception Name Cards

Literally, give guests a taste of your style with these edible wedding ideas for reception name cards. What better way to kick off dinner than with a tasty treat to warm up the palette and get the taste buds excited? Check below for 20 delicious name ideas to make your own.

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wedding-ideas-2-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Jose Villa

WeddingFeatured Photography: Gayle Brooker

wedding-ideas-4-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Sarah Gormley Photography

wedding-ideas-5-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Drew B Photography

wedding-ideas-6-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Studio 11 Photography

wedding-ideas-7-07112015-kyFeatured Photography:  Brosnan Photographic

wedding-ideas-8-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Harwell Photography

wedding-ideas-9-07112015-ky Featured Photography: Sunny 16 Photography

wedding-ideas-10-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Adrienne Gunde Photography via Wedding Chicks

wedding-ideas-11-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Mirelle Carmichael Photography

wedding-ideas-12-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Meg Perotti

wedding-ideas-19-07112015-kyFeatured Photography: Jen Fariello Photography

wedding-ideas-20-07112015-kyFeatured Photography Melanie Gabrielle via Ruffled

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