Wedding Planning Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Flowers

Ok, this one is for the flower lovers looking for wedding planning tips. If you’re like me, then you have a very limited understanding about the difference between a white bush rose and a rosalind rose and other intricate details about flowers. Below you’ll find tips from the floral experts to guide you through the process of selecting flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces. Get educated!

Garden Roses 101

What kind of garden roses do you love mostt? breaks it down with this chart of all the most beautiful garden roses.


Flower Color

Looking for flowers to match your overall wedding day color palette? Start here with this comprehensive guide via

wedding-planning-3-07092015-kyEnjoy the Greenery

You’ll need a little greenery to bring out the brilliant colors in your floral arrangements. Take your pick! Image via

The Recipe for Success

Use this genius recipe for a contemporary centerpiece! Check out the ingredients to this beautiful creation via The House That Lars Built.


Flower Meaning 101

Flower colors have great meaning in some cultures, and the colors might be the most important part. Learn more with this featured image via Pinterest.


Bouquet Shapes

Not sure if you want a round bouquet or a cascading bouquet to take down the aisle? Read this graphic first via to learn more.


How to Save

It’s always a good time to save money. Find out via Glitzy Secrets how you can save a few pennies on wedding flowers (and more).


Everything You Need to Know

This might be the single most elaborate graphic containing everything you should know about bouquets! Featured image via Festivities


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