Backless Wedding Dresses With Sexy Details

Every bride has her own idea of what she wants to look like on her big wedding day, whether it be elegant, sexy, or glamorous. Make all three of these visions come true with a gorgeous backless wedding dress. A backless wedding dress can do wonders for your wedding day look, including highlighting your curves and showing off the beautiful back of your hair, veil or dress. Backless wedding dresses come in all sorts of styles and we’ve created a great collection of unique styles. Check them out below and see if any of them inspire you for your big day!

Photos: Courtesy of Berta, Nicole Miller, Naeem Khan, Tara Keely, Grace Loves Lace

Berta Wedding Dress Collection 2016

This bridal collection is everything we could ask for! These beautiful and sexy backless wedding dresses will not disappoint if you are looking for a number that will hug your curves in all the right places.

backless-wedding-dress-1-082515chFeatured Dress: Bertabackless-wedding-dress-6-082515chFeatured Dress: Bertabackless-wedding-dress-5-082515chFeatured Dress: Berta backless-wedding-dress-4-082515chFeatured Dress: Berta backless-wedding-dress-3-082515chFeatured Dress: Bertabackless-wedding-dress-2-082515chFeatured Dress: Berta

Tip: If you’re looking to show off your back with one of these daring numbers, be sure to get some beauty treatments done before the big day. This can be your excuse for a nice, relaxing day at the spa.

backless-wedding-dress-14-082515chFeatured Dress: Nicole Millerbackless-wedding-dress-13-082515chFeatured Dress: Nicole Miller backless-wedding-dress-12-082515chFeatured Dress: Nicole Miller

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Naeem Khan Bridal Collection 

Naeem Khan has created some of the prettiest backless wedding dresses that brides will adore. The sweeping low backs on these dresses are sexy, yet very elegant.

backless-wedding-dress-9-082515chFeatured Dress: Naeem Khanbackless-wedding-dress-8-082515chFeatured Dress: Naeem Khanbackless-wedding-dress-7-082515chFeatured Dress: Naeem Khanbackless-wedding-dress-22-082515chFeatured Dress: Tara Keely backless-wedding-dress-21-082515chFeatured Dress: Tara Keely

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backless-wedding-dress-18-082515chFeatured Dress: Grace Loves Lace

We hope you enjoyed this wonderful collection of backless wedding dresses and found something that might add beautiful details to your wedding day!

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