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Bridesmaid Gifts the Girls Will Adore

bridesmaid-gifts-21-08122015-kyBridesmaid gifts are the best way to show your girlfriends just how much you appreciate their commitment to helping you down the aisle. After all, these are the gals who’ll be there for you when you have that minor bridezilla meltdown (but let’s hope that you don’t) and listen to you obsess over every single wedding detail (because who doesn’t get overwhelmed by 100 wedding cake flavors and 10 million wedding flower options?). The bottom line, however, is to pick from fantastic bridesmaid gift ideas. Period. Here’s a little inspiration that will go a looooong way.

Bridesmaid gifts are the best way to show your girlfriends just how much you appreciate their commitment to helping you down the aisle.

bridesmaid-gifts-1-08122015-kyFeatured DIY Gift via Classy Clutterbridesmaid-gifts-2-08122015-kyFeatured DIY Gift via Classy Clutterbridesmaid-gifts-3-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Delovely Details via Etsybridesmaid-gifts-4-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Kate Spade | Featured Photography: Stephanie Hunter Photographybridesmaid-gifts-5-08122015-kyFeatured Gift via Instagram, Mint Designbridesmaid-gifts-6-08122015-kyFeatured DIY Gift: The Family Chapterbridesmaid-gifts-7-08122015-ky Featured Gift via Girl About Columbusbridesmaid-gifts-8-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Etsy

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bridesmaid-gifts-9-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Best Day Ever

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bridesmaid-gifts-10-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Etsybridesmaid-gifts-11-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Sweet Auburn Studiobridesmaid-gifts-12-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Allisa Jacobs, Etsy

Practical bridesmaid gifts are the best! I doubt you’ll find one person who won’t happily accept a treasure that acts as both a keepsake and a functional tool for everyday life. These are the ideas that really make a difference. Trust us, a gift card just won’t cut it!

bridesmaid-gifts-13-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Etsybridesmaid-gifts-14-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Swell Foreverbridesmaid-gifts-15-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Personalized Wine Bottle Label by Studio B Labelsbridesmaid-gifts-16-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Sweet Pea Sundaybridesmaid-gifts-17-08122015-ky Featured Spa Kit: Lia Griffithbridesmaid-gifts-18-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Grey Skies Bluebridesmaid-gifts-19-08122015-ky Featured DIY Gift: Everminebridesmaid-gifts-20-08122015-kyFeatured Gift: Welcome Bag Shoppe

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