Classic and Modern Persy Bridal Wedding Dresses

When I think of classic designer collections, these Persy Bridal wedding dresses are the exact type of elegance that I imagine. It’s amazing to see designer wedding dresses that are a perfect combination of vintage and modern. It also seems that living the Paris life has brilliantly influenced this top notch designer’s romantic designs. Any bride would rock the gorgeous long lines and intricate details of these flawless looks. Sophistication is at its finest in this genius wedding inspiration! Check out the stunning collection by one of the best wedding dress designers below!

Photos: Courtesy of Persy

It’s amazing to see designer wedding dresses that are a perfect combination of vintage and modern.

persy-wedding-gowns-2-08232015-km Featured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-4-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal

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persy-wedding-gowns-8-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-9-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-10-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
Featured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-12-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal

As a hopeless romantic, I firmly support elegant lace wedding gowns. There’s something so refreshing and pure about lovely white lace paired with matte red lipstick! Persy has certainly mastered the look with his expertise and high-quality material. This premier bridal couture is totally epic! Even if you’re not into the whole lace look, these Persy Bridal wedding dresses include plenty of chic designs to make you fall in love.

persy-wedding-gowns-13-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-14-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-15-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal

persy-wedding-gowns-17-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal

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persy-wedding-gowns-19-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal

persy-wedding-gowns-21-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-22-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-23-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal
persy-wedding-gowns-24-08232015-kmFeatured Dress: Persy Bridal

These long, soft and sexy Persy Bridal wedding dresses are just what you needed to prepare for dress hunting. The smoldering bare-shouldered looks exhibit passion and beauty that any gorgeous bride would want to show off! I’m confident that these lengthy dresses from one of the most sophisticated wedding dress designers can flatter any figure with class.

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Gorgeous Persy Bridal Wedding Dresses for 2015 via Persy Bridal
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