Ice Blue and Dogwood Decor at Virginia Wedding Shoot


There are times when we stumble across beautiful ideas and fall instantly in love. This is one of those time. Thank the wedding gods for this amazing Virginia wedding shoot at Pamela Jane’s StudioSarah Bradshaw Photography did a wonderful job capturing the glorious work of Alex Meyer, who took an ice blue theme and made it into a fresh, dreamy reception idea. See more photos below for some immediate inspiration.

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Location: Private Residence, Pamela Jane’s Studio | Photography: Sarah Bradshaw Photography | Styling: Alex Meyer | Dress: Ines Di Santo— Eleni | Flowers: Lori Tran of Wild Green Yonder | Hair & Makeup: Jordan Winn | Calligraphy: Korie Herold of The Weekend Type | Cake & Cookies: Tiffany McIsaac of Buttercream Bakeshop | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box{"url":"","count":6})