Luxurious San Diego Wedding That Inspires


We’re guilty of falling in love with Erika and Robert’s luxurious San Diego wedding at The Grand Del Mar. The stunning wedding decor and extravagant floral designs make a simple statement at first glance: glamour. The wedding cake was so grand that it had an entire canopy dedicated to house the cake in the ballroom. If you’re not falling head over heels while scrolling through True Photography‘s amazing photos of this luxurious San Diego wedding, we’re not sure what will do it for you.

The stunning wedding decor and extravagant floral designs make a simple statement at first glance: glamour.

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Photographer: True Photography | Venue: The Grand Del Mar, San Diego, CA | Coordinator: Details Defined | Florist: Kathy Wright & Co. | Videographer: NR3 | Hair & Makeup: Paula Mayer | Tuxedo: The Gentlemens Tux Club | Music: Caprice Strings and West Coast Music

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