Sexy Wedding Dresses: Michal Medina 2015 Spring


The best selections of sexy wedding dresses are here! Michal Medina has introduced a couture collection of impeccable designs. These breathtaking gowns feature every detail a bride seeking a sexy look could ask for. Romance and modernity come together to create a sexy bridal appeal, and the unshakable quality and exemplary design aesthetic will ensure a timeless look to every dress you see. This bridal collection combines dramatic elegance and inspiring femininity. It would be impossible to not fall in love with the details on these sexy wedding dresses from Michal Medina. Just take a look at these dresses below and see how they can inspire you and search for the perfect dress!

Photos: Courtesy of Michal Medina

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michal-medina-wedding-dresses-3-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-4-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-5-08072015nz

The sweeping neckline featured on many of Michal Medina’s gowns is a staple detail that gives a bride a sophisticated look and elegant feel. For a sexy look, these beautiful necklines are perfect.

michal-medina-wedding-dresses-6-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-7-08072015nz

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michal-medina-wedding-dresses-8-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-9-08072015nz

The stunning silhouettes highlight every perfect curve of these wedding dresses and make for a flattering look for any bride. Along with this, the fishtail trains that flow behind these dresses create an incredibly elegant look.

michal-medina-wedding-dresses-10-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-11-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-12-08072015nz

Lace overlays and embroidered details give these wedding dresses a touch of old-fashioned charm. The vintage details are perfectly combined with sexy features that make these dresses perfect for any modern bride.

michal-medina-wedding-dresses-13-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-14-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-15-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-16-08072015nz

With endless details throughout this collection, the balconette styled dresses are stunning from top to bottom. The low neckline is highlighted perfectly by the fitted waist, creating a sexy look from head to toe.

michal-medina-wedding-dresses-17-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-18-08072015nz michal-medina-wedding-dresses-19-08072015nz

This Michal Medina collection of sexy wedding dresses is the ultimate guide to finding exquisite romance. The gorgeous details throughout are chic and simply stunning! This sexy collection will guarantee a unforgettable look for every bride who dawns these artful pieces. Click here to see more exquisite collections from the best wedding dress designers!

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