Stunning Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Ever since Kate Middleton walked down the isle, long sleeve wedding dresses have been a admired look among all sorts of brides. Long sleeves allow a bride to put her own twist on a beautiful gown. Whether it be fitted lace all the way down both arms, or flowing tulle on a one shoulder dress, sleeved dresses evoke a glamorous and elegant look. Long sleeve dresses are slimming and pair perfectly with a sweeping back or neckline, giving brides a sexy look without showing too much skin. We’ve created a beautiful collection of some of the most striking long sleeve wedding dresses. Check them out below and see if sleeves are something you could add to your wedding day look!

Long sleeve dresses are slimming and pair perfectly with a sweeping back or neckline, giving brides a sexy look without showing too much skin.

long-sleeve-wedding-dress-2-082115chFeatured Dress: Inbal Dror

One Shoulder

If you’re set on wearing a long sleeved wedding dress on your big day but can’t quite find the right look, try a one shoulder look! A beautiful gown like this will still give the appearance of a long sleeved dress, but will also bring a unique twist to your look.

long-sleeve-wedding-dress-1-082115chFeatured Dress: Inbal Dror long-sleeve-wedding-dress-7-082115chFeatured Dress: Inbal Dror long-sleeve-wedding-dress-3-082115chFeatured Dress: Inbal Dror
long-sleeve-wedding-dress-5-082115chFeatured Dress: Inbal Dror
long-sleeve-wedding-dress-9-082115chFeatured Dress: House of Mooshki
long-sleeve-wedding-dress-12-082115chFeatured Dress: Berta Bridallong-sleeve-wedding-dress-13-082115chFeatured Dress: Berta Bridal

High Neckline

Pairing a high neckline with a slim silhouette gives a wedding dress a more covered style while still bringing a chic fitted look. Beading will also bring a glamorous look that will compliment the style of a long sleeve wedding dress.


Featured Dress: Delphine Manivet | Featured Photographer: Elizabeth Messina via Bridal Musings

long-sleeve-wedding-dress-4-082115chFeatured Dress: Inbal Drorlong-sleeve-wedding-dress-6-082115chFeatured Dress: Inbal Dror
long-sleeve-wedding-dress-21-082115chFeatured Dress: Temperley London
long-sleeve-wedding-dress-15-082115chFeatured Dress: Sareh Nouri | Featured Photographer: Laura Gordon Photography via Bridal Musings

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long-sleeve-wedding-dress-17-082115chFeatured Dress: Pronovias long-sleeve-wedding-dress-18-082115chFeatured Dress: Martina Liana

Off The Shoulders

Many long sleeve wedding dresses also feature an off the shoulders look. This is another great way to add an interesting touch to your long sleeve look. Off the shoulders can be a vintage appeal to many brides, but also an elegant modern trend.

long-sleeve-wedding-dress-20-082115chFeatured Dress: Zuhair Murad

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long-sleeve-wedding-dress-22-082115chFeatured Dress: Temperley London long-sleeve-wedding-dress-23-082115chFeatured Dress: Temperley London

Long sleeve wedding dresses have proven themselves to be very glamorous and elegant. If you think this is the look you want to achieve on your wedding day, then keep this collection above in mind. Maybe a long sleeve wedding dress will be the perfect fit for you!

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