Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for the Style Conscious Bride

When it comes to bridesmaid gift ideas, some brides are super picky. And I get that, because who wants to give a gift that will end up in the back of a closet? No one! Instead, brides with style are giving gifts they would want to receive themselves–that’s just the right thing to do. See below for some stylish bridesmaid gift ideas that any girl would want to receive.

Sweet Treats

There’s nothing better than satisfying that sweet tooth and doing it in style. Opt for gourmet desserts (e.g., macaroons, cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries) with impressive packaging to create a sweet little gift with a sweet little taste. Start the day with a wonderful sugar rush!

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Comfy Keepsake Attire

I love the idea of cool and comfortable tees and sweats as the perfect bridesmaid gift that will last forever. Even after the wedding day is long over, your bridesmaids with think of your special day every time they reach from something cozy to wear around the house. Be a catalyst for comfort, and your bridesmaid will appreciate you!

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Monogrammed Tote Bags

Tote bags come in all forms and styles, but one that is monogrammed is the real deal. Bridesmaid gift ideas should inspired you to give gifts your gals will actually use. These are perfect bags for airport carry-on luggage or a quick day trip to the spa.

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-1-08272015-kyFeatured Gift: Ballard Design

Personalized Treasure Boxes

Feeling a little creative? Go for the perfect unique gift that comes straight from the heart. Find pictures of you and your best girls to incorporate into fun treasure boxes filled with all the right goodies each girl will love. Here’s your chance to show just how well you know your bridesmaids and to remind them individually of all the wonderful times you’ve shared together.

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-2-08272015-kyFeatured Photography: Jen Marino Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Engraved Champagne Glasses

Champagne flutes are classic bridesmaid gift ideas, but oh-so great party tools! We love the engraved version of these glasses, a perfect way to kick off the “getting ready” party with a little bubbly and a toast to love!

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-3-08272015-ky Featured Gift: The Engravery via Etsy

“Getting Ready” Robes

If you’ve been browsing the web for bridesmaid gift ideas, them I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous “getting ready” robe pictures. I’ll have to admit, I still love the floral robe idea. I actually want one for myself even though I’m not a bridesmaid at the moment (*crossing fingers and hoping one of my girlfriends gets engaged soon*). I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. But if I am, don’t shoot. Instead, go for charming little nightie sets or floral jumpers. Cute, right?!

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-4-08272015-kyFeatured Photography: Eden Day Photography via Wedding Chicks

Brides with style are giving gifts they would want to receive themselves–that’s just the right thing to do.

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DIY Personalized Towels

If you’re the crafty type, go for a DIY bridesmaid gift idea that will certainly impress all your girlfriends when you tell them you personalize these fluffy towels all on your own. Find out how to make this happen with a super helpful DIY tutorial from Something Turquoise.

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-5-08272015-kyFeatured Tutorial: Something Turquoise | Featured Photography: Mike Carreiro Photography

Monogrammed Compact Mirrors

How many times have you caught your best friend applying lipstick with an iPhone camera? Even though it’s a new era, girls still need compact mirrors because they are just so much classier! Go the extra mile with fun colors and monogrammed covers.

Girly Packages

Sometimes, girls just need to do girly things–like play in lipstick and experiment with new nail polish while wearing pearls. It’s just part of the girly-girl experience. You can totally be the leader of the girly-girl experience, but you have to include all the right product the girls like!

Personalized Mugs

Can’t you picture it now–your bridesmaids waking up to a fresh cup of hot coffee poured into a cute bridesmaid mug (below)? Here is a great way to ignite pleasant memories of the moments you shared together during your wedding. Sometimes, bridesmaid gift ideas should be nostalgic, because Memory Lane is a great place to visit.

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-9-08272015-kyFeatured Gift: April Heather Art via Aisle Perfect

Monogrammed Jewelry Boxes

This jewelry box idea is perfect for the girl who loves jewelry but has the tendency to leave fine pieces along the bathroom counter. Accidentally knocking a diamond earring into the sink is such a sad experience (sidenote: this has happened to me before). Go for the gift that will aid the clutsies like me!

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-10-08272015-ky Featured Gift: Beau Coup

Personalized Jewelry

And if a jewelry box isn’t extravagant enough for your taste, try out personalized bridesmaid gift ideas that include nice pieces of jewelry that don’t actually suck.

bridesmaid-gift-ideas-12-08272015-ky Featured Gift: L Rose Designsbridesmaid-gift-ideas-13-08272015-kyFeatured Gift: Otis B Weddings

Loving these bridesmaid gift ideas? Good. We have so many more terrific wedding ideas to fulfill your need to be inspired!

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