Vera Wang Wedding Dresses that Inspire

We love Vera Wang wedding dresses over here, and that’s one thing that may never change! Vera takes a bold and out-of-the-box approach to design, and we love her for that. A master at soft draping and creative use of color and texture, Vera Wang should certainly inspire you as your start your hunt for the perfect gown. See more ideas below!

A master at soft draping and creative use of color and texture, these Vera Wang wedding dresses should certainly inspire.

wedding-dress-31-08122015-kyFeatured Photography: TimWill Photography | Featured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dress-34-08122015-kyFeatured Photography: The Nichols | Featured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dress-33-08122015Featured Photography: Aneta Mak Photography | Featured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dress-36-08122015-kyFeatured Photography: Aneta Mak Photography | Featured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dress-35-08122015-kyFeatured Photography: Tamiz Photography | Featured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dresses-20-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Fall 2015vera-wang-wedding-dresses-21-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Fall 2015vera-wang-wedding-dresses-22-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Fall 2015vera-wang-wedding-dresses-23-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Fall 2015

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vera-wang-wedding-dresses-24-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Fall 2015vera-wang-wedding-dresses-25-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Fall 2015

The Fall 2015 Vera Wang wedding dresses collection is a mixture of edgy design with classic details, luxe beadwork, and the sexiest form-fitting silhouettes. The silver sheath gowns (above) are an all-time favorite–perfect for a garden celebration or a black tie affair.

vera-wang-wedding-dresses-14-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Spring 2016vera-wang-wedding-dresses-15-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Spring 2016vera-wang-wedding-dresses-16-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Spring 2016vera-wang-wedding-dresses-17-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Spring 2016vera-wang-wedding-dresses-18-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Spring 2016

If you can bring your own style personality to Vera Wang wedding dresses from the Spring 2016 collection, then you will be able to see the beauty in Vera’s artistry. She’s taken a grunge approach to bridal this time around, and it is really quit genius. Brides are thinking outside the box in the upcoming season, because long gone are the days of the traditional bridal look. Hello, 2016!

vera-wang-wedding-dresses-19-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Spring 2016vera-wang-wedding-dresses-1-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang | Featured Photography: Elle Jae

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vera-wang-wedding-dresses-2-08112015-ky Featured Dress: Vera Wang | Featured Photography: Brandon Aquinovera-wang-wedding-dresses-3-08112015-ky Featured Dress: Vera Wang via David’s Bridalvera-wang-wedding-dresses-4-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang, Spring 2015vera-wang-wedding-dresses-5-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang | Featured Photography: Jose Villa Photographyvera-wang-wedding-dresses-6-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dresses-7-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang
vera-wang-wedding-dresses-9-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang | Featured Photography: Chelsea Mitchellvera-wang-wedding-dresses-10-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang | Featured Photography: Gina Meolavera-wang-wedding-dresses-11-08112015-ky

Featured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dresses-12-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wangvera-wang-wedding-dresses-13-08112015-kyFeatured Dress: Vera Wang | Featured Photography: Clary Pfeiffer

Need a little more wedding dress inspiration in your life? See even more Vera Wang wedding dresses and soooo many styles from all the greatest designers on MODwedding!

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