Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses From BHLDN

vintage-lace-wedding-dresses-collage-082015mcIf you’re a bride planning a rustic, retro or old fashioned style wedding, a vintage lace wedding dress may be the perfect fit for you and your wedding expectations! Regardless, these gorgeous dresses from BHLDN would be an adorable choice for almost any wedding. With high quality fabrics and intricate detailing, BHLDN never fails to carry a selection of classic yet fun dresses. The following collection of gorgeous wedding dresses will amaze any modern bride seeking a vintage look. These vintage lace wedding dresses will give your wedding the touches it needs by providing a free-spirited romantic vibe. Check them out!

Photos: Courtesy of BHLDN


Beaded Belts

Incorporating a vintage touch into your wedding dress can be made simple with a BHLDN beaded belt. Take your vintage lace wedding dress to the next level by adding a special detail like this. The best part about adding a beaded belt is that you can wear it with other dresses in your closet!

vintage-lace-wedding-dress-2-082015chvintage-lace-wedding-dress-10-082015ch vintage-lace-wedding-dress-3-082015ch

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vintage-lace-wedding-dress-7-082015ch vintage-lace-wedding-dress-9-082015ch

High Necklines

High necklines are super vintage and BHLDN has combined that with lace to create the ultimate vintage look! Adding a long chiffon veil with this style of dress can create a beautiful look that many brides will love.

vintage-lace-wedding-dress-20-082015chvintage-lace-wedding-dress-19-082015ch vintage-lace-wedding-dress-16-082015ch

Off white dresses are beautiful and add to a vintage styled wedding dress. Ivory and cream colored lace make for a unique yet traditional look Try on an off white lace wedding dress from BHLDN to see the gorgeous detail it can bring to your wedding day!

vintage-lace-wedding-dress-18-082015ch vintage-lace-wedding-dress-4-082015chvintage-lace-wedding-dress-5-082015ch

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vintage-lace-wedding-dress-8-082015ch vintage-lace-wedding-dress-6-082015ch vintage-lace-wedding-dress-13-082015ch

Cap Sleeves

These lacy cap sleeves are gorgeous and pair perfectly with a sweetheart neckline and open back look. Not only do cap sleeves create a vintage look, but they’re perfect for a bride looking for a sleeved wedding dress.

vintage-lace-wedding-dress-15-082015chvintage-lace-wedding-dress-14-082015ch vintage-lace-wedding-dress-17-082015ch

We can’t get enough of these BHLDN vintage lace wedding dresses and hope they inspired you for a perfectly elegant vintage wedding!

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