Vintage Wedding Dresses: Catherine Deane

The perfect vintage wedding dresses have been unveiled, and they have been designed with the most glamorous details from Catherine Deane! She has exemplified the exquisite reworking of traditional vintage styles with modern elements. Her designs feature some of the most ideal contemporary design elements, perfect for modern brides with a vintage style. The soft details and delicate fabrics added by Catherine Deane give these vintage wedding dresses the ultimate romantic look that brides search high and low for. Just a mere description of these wedding dresses leaves us wanting more, so scroll down and see how grand romance has been refined with vintage designs and modern craft.

Photos: Courtesy of Catherine Deane

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We absolutely fell in love with the backs of these first few dresses! From the sweeping backs tied with a bow to a simple mesh back with embroidered floral details, these dresses have evoked pure romance.

catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-7-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-8-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-9-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-10-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-11-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-12-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-13-08072015nz

The extraordinary fabrics featured on these wedding dresses include silk tulles and delicate laces that exemplify Catherine Deane’s vintage style. If only we could feel them for ourselves!

catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-14-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-15-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-16-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-17-08072015nz

Cap sleeves are a beautiful way to add a vintage look to your wedding dress. From simple lace to extravagant beading, cap sleeves are the perfect way to complete your romantic style.

catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-18-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-19-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-20-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-21-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-22-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-23-08072015nz

Not only do the fabrics and details make these dresses perfect, but also the color palette evokes the dreamiest feeling. Throughout the collection, oyster, ivory, cream and champagne colors create a soft and elegant look that brides will find perfect for their vintage look.

catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-24-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-25-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-26-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-27-08072015nz catherine-deane-wedding-dresses-28-08072015nz

We are simply amazed by all these gorgeous dresses from Catherine Deane. She has perfected the vintage look that modern brides all over seek. The simplistic details, beautiful fabrics, and dreamy color palette have all blended together to create a timeless look. Click here to see more exquisite collections from the best wedding dress designers!

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