Maid Of Honor Duties In Detail

We always hear how stressful wedding planning is for the bride and groom, but the truth is that being the maid of honor isn’t any easier! As the bride’s right-hand woman, the maid of honor plays an important role in the wedding planning process. Here is a breakdown of key maid of honor responsibilities:

  1. Take charge of the bridal party. The maid of honor (MOH) is essentially the leader of the bridesmaids. Divvy up wedding tasks amongst the bridesmaids and update them with information on pre-wedding parties. Also make sure that all the other bridesmaids get their dresses, attend the dress fittings, and purchase the right wedding accessories.
  2. Assist with dress shopping. Help the bride choose her own wedding gown, and also help choose a dress for the bridesmaids. The MOH is responsible for paying for her own attire, from the dress to the shoes to the jewelry.
  3. Offer help with pre-wedding tasks. Assist the bride in any way possible. Whether it is helping to address invitations, choosing a wedding color theme, or just being a good listener during stressful times, the MOH is the bride’s #1 support system. 
  4. Coordinate the bridesmaid duties. Take the lead of the bridal party by scheduling dress fittings and any other tasks assigned by the bride.
  5. Share the Registry details. Spread the news on where the bride and groom are registered for their wedding!
  6. Be a good listener. There may be multiple occasions where the bride will discuss the same thing over and over again, whether it is about wedding planning or anything related to marriage. The MOH should be a good listener who the bride can depend on, whenever she needs to vent or simply share her thoughts.
  7. Host or co-host a bridal shower for the lovely bride.
  8. Attend all pre-wedding parties. Four main parties are: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner.
  9. Keep a record of all the gifts received at the bridal shower or delegate a bridesmaid to handle this.
  10. Plan the bachelorette party with the other bridesmaids.
  11. Be on time for the rehearsal. Ensure that the bridesmaids attend the wedding rehearsal on time, and coordinate any transportation and lodging logistics, if necessary.
  12. Know the wedding timeline. Make sure that everyone is on schedule. The bridesmaids should have their hair and makeup done by a certain hour, arrive to the ceremony on time, and have the correct bouquets.
  13. Hold the groom’s ring during the wedding ceremony.
  14. Look after the bride’s train. Pay attention to arrange the bride’s train and veil before the ceremony begins, and at the altar. The MOH may also need to offer assistance in bustling the bride’s train for easy dancing at the reception.
  15. Hold the bouquet. As the couple exchanges vows at the altar, hold the bride’s bouquet.
  16. Be a witness. Sign the marriage license as a witness to the union of the bride and groom.
  17. Stand next to the groom in the receiving line (this is optional).
  18. Play hostess. Along with the other bridesmaids, act as a hostess during the reception.  Direct guests to the seating area, restrooms, gift drop-offs, guest book signings, and so forth.
  19. Collect gifts. Collect any gift envelopes that were brought to the reception and keep them in a secure place.
  20. Make sure that the bride eats. Make sure that the bride gets a snack, stays hydrated, and has a warm plate of food waiting for her. Things can get so hectic that the bride could forget to take a break to eat something.
  21. Dance the night away. Prepare to dance with the best man during the formal first-dance sequence. As the night progress, remember to have fun! Dance with other groomsmen, the bride and groom, and friends.
  22. Make a toast. This is optional, but it’s always a sweet gesture to toast the newly wedded couple (after the best man gives his toast).
  23. Be accountable. Be there for the bride in any way possible! Be a good listener, a trusted friend, and a dependable advisor during any emotional episodes that the bride may have throughout the wedding day.
  24. Keep the bride happy. Laughing is key during stressful times, so keep the bride happy and smiling!

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