15 Top Destination Wedding Locations


If you couldn’t tell, we are big fans of destination weddings for many reasons. We recently shared our Top 10 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding and if that didn’t convince you, maybe these top destination wedding locations will! From pink sand beaches to historically rich buildings, we’re so enamored by these locations, we can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t get married afar!


Good old Hawaii is one of our favorite destination wedding location–with 8 main islands to choose from, your wedding will be surrounded by gorgeous blue waters, rainbows and awesome Hawaiian culture. Another perk: it’s in the US so traveling will be easier for your guests.

oahu-hawaii-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo: Adrian Hopkins via Flickrkona-hawaii-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photographer: Brett Hickman


This culture rich country has people vacationing from all over the world for its gorgeous beaches, laid back culture and reggae music. Not only will your wedding be beautiful, it’ll be a good time, mon.

montego-bay-jamaica-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo via Emilie Incjamaica-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photographer: Twig & Olive Photography via Bajan Wed

South Africa

An increasingly popular tourist spot, South Africa has so much to offer. The gorgeous coastline, mountains and exotic animals are just a few of South Africa’s finest treasures. From Cape Town to Johannesburg, outdoor adventurers will be in for a treat.

south-africa-destination-wedding-2-090315ecFeatured Photo via Stylish Evesouth-africa-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo via Garden Visit

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has so much to offer — with natural rainforests to white sand beaches, this beautiful country is a traveler’s dream and we’re sure many of your guests will be happy to have checked this one off their bucket list.

costa-rica-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo via Holiday Feed

Boracay, Philippines

Traveling to the Philippines may cost more money and time, but once you’re there it’ll be so worth it. With over 7,000 islands, there are miles and miles of pristine beaches but Boracay in particular is a must-visit destination. Once you’re there, you won’t have to spend much as costs are cheap, so splurge a bit on the flights for an incredibly unforgettable wedding destination.

boracay-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo via Vacation Idea

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re looking for a historically rich city, Dubrovnik is becoming an increasingly popular destination. With their famous Old Town that’s made up of stunning buildings built in the 16th century and rich blue waters surrounding, Dubrovnik easily falls into the top destination wedding locations.

dubrovnik-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo via Chasing The Donkey


With just 16 miles of pristine beaches, this exclusive island is one of the top destination wedding locations. If you’re looking for an intimate island that has many luxury resorts and gorgeous white sand beaches, Anguilla might be the perfect spot for you.

anguilla-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo: Jean-Philippe Piter via CNN Traveler


Famous for its breathtaking pink sand beaches, Bermuda definitely takes a spot in our list. Just imagine walking along these pink sand beaches, turquoise waters and blue skies… you in your perfect white wedding dress. We can’t imagine a better picture than that!

bermuda-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo via Play Buzz


One of the many advantages of getting married in Mexico is its proximity to the US. This makes it easier for your guests to travel to. But aside from that, Mexico’s white sand beaches, turquoise water and delicious food are additional perks for a beautiful beach destination wedding.

mexico-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photographer: Pixan Photography


The stunning landscapes, rich culture, delicious food and amazing wine are all part of why we love Italy as a destination wedding location! After all, a destination wedding is a wedding and a vacation in one, right? Consider the beautiful Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre for a stunningly picturesque location.

italy-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo via Flickr


How could we leave out the city of love? For all its obvious reasons and beyond, we love the romantic idea of getting married in Paris.

paris-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photographer: Rebecca Yale Photography via Style Me Pretty

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For all the princesses dreaming of getting married in a castle, there’s no better place than Ireland as its filled with gorgeous castles and castle hotels. Imagine marrying your prince charming in one of the stunning venues!

ireland-destination-wedding-2-090315ecFeatured Photo: Ashford Castle Hotel via Conde Nast Travelerireland-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photographer: Brosnan Photographic via Grey Likes Weddings


This luxurious Indonesian island is a favorite destination getaway in and of itself. With some of the world’s top luxury resorts, Bali easily steals a spot in our list of top destination wedding locations.

bali--destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photographer: Axioo via The Wedding Scoop


When we think of Greece, we think blue skies, water and white buildings. The blue and white color combination is so pristine and there is no other place in the world like Greece. With rich culture, stunning views and gorgeous beaches, the Greek islands definitely take a spot on our list.

greece-destination-wedding-090315ecFeatured Photo: Katikies Hotel, Santorini, Greece via Home Adore

New Zealand

New Zealand is a sweet escape if you’re looking for pristine forests, open fields and golden beaches.

new-zealand-destination-wedding-090315mcFeatured Photographer: Erich McVey via Once Wed

So whether you’re looking to get married on a tropical beach or a castle up in the hills, consider our favorite top destination wedding locations for your dream wedding. Happy planning (or dreaming)!