Amelia Sposa Wedding Dresses with Heavenly Details


Amelia Sposa wedding dresses have captured our hearts once again with gowns from the 2015 collection! They are the perfect styles for a classic and elegant look on your big day. These youthful Italian-inspired dresses keep it chic and modern with their intricate embroidery and most flattering waistlines! This sophisticated designer aims to make every bride shine bright, and these charming gowns don’t let us down. Enjoy!

Photos: Courtesy of Amelia Sposa


Amelia Sposa does so much with the sleeve lengths as well, which really gives you many options to choose from. With pretty lace and silky smooth fabrics, the collection is a mix of exquisite design and luxury details.

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The diversity is so evident in these Amelia Sposa wedding dresses! She mixes it up with gorgeous modest designs and revealing necklines that are oh-so-flattering. Even though these gowns are mostly classic white, the flourishing details and embellishments really make each and every dress radiate with elegance!

amelia-sposa-wedding-dresses-11-09142015-km amelia-sposa-wedding-dresses-12-09142015-km amelia-sposa-wedding-dresses-13-09142015-km

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amelia-sposa-wedding-dresses-14-09142015-km amelia-sposa-wedding-dresses-15-09142015-km amelia-sposa-wedding-dresses-4-09142015-km amelia-sposa-wedding-dresses-17-09142015-km

This 2015 collection of Amelia Sposa wedding dresses will make any bride look adorable and feminine. Their exquisite details and classic elegance let the world know that you are poised and confident! If these sparkling gowns haven’t brightened your Monday, then I’m not sure what will!{"url":"","count":348})