Beautiful Wedding Makeup Ideas By Hair And Makeup By Steph

Your wedding day makeup has to be one of the most important components of completing your look! Maybe you have a chic dress and need a bold lip color and eye makeup to match. Or maybe you have a simple beachy wedding dress that only needs a natural makeup look. Whether your wedding makeup be bold or natural, looking your best on your wedding day can be completed with some of these amazing looks from Hair and Makeup by Steph. Check out these makeup ideas and decide what will compliment your wedding day look the most!

Bold Looks

These looks are for the edgy or chic bride who really wants her makeup to pop on her wedding day. If you love bright lip colors and smokey eye makeup then one of these looks might be perfect for you. Bold eyelashes and winged eyeliner can add the perfect touch to give your wedding day look some spice!

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Natural Looks

If you have planned a beach wedding, have a simple wedding dress, or are just looking for a natural look on your wedding day then the following looks from Hair and Makeup by Steph may be the right choice! These looks still feature intricate details but bring out the natural beauty of your eye color and hair.

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Every bride has her own preference for wedding makeup. Some brides may want to step out of their comfort zone and try a bolder look while others may want to have her natural beauty shine through a light look. Either way, we hope this collection of makeup styles by Hair and Makeup By Steph has inspired you and taught you a trick (or two)!{"url":"","count":10})