Classic 2016 Fara Sposa Wedding Dresses


This year’s collection of Fara Sposa wedding dresses features lace details that are out-of-this-world gorgeous, slimming silhouettes, and beautiful illusion designs. What I love most about this collection are is the genius use of fitted sheer sleeves to bring a hint of sophistication to a sexy, classy ensemble. And if you’re a lace lover, then this collection just may give you the googly eyes. See below for some of our favorite Fara Sposa wedding dresses from the 2016 collection.

Photos: Courtesy of Fara Sposa

fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-1-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-2-09082015-ky

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fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-3-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-4-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-5-09082015-ky

Blush is in, and it will always be one of those neutral colors that adds an extra touch of glam to a classic wedding dress. Of the Fara Sposa wedding dresses, this boat neck gown (pictured above) shows off an illusion neckline and a thin blush belt that serves to highlight the waist and elongate the legs.

fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-6-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-7-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-8-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-9-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-10-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-11-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-12-09082015-ky

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fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-13-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-14-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-15-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-16-09082015-kyfara-sposa-wedding-dresses-17-09082015-ky fara-sposa-wedding-dresses-18-09082015-ky

This year’s styled shoot to show off the Fara Sposa wedding dresses is also an inspiring decor idea that we’ll see in 2016–clean ivory decor with soft floral accents in soft pink and white. This coming year, you can expect to see more romantic wedding styles and even more romantic wedding dresses. We can wait!{"url":"","count":48})