Classic Appolo Fashion Bridal Dresses 2015


The Appolo Fashion 2015 collection is the definition of classic fairytale style. As the collection unfolds below, you’ll find yourself swept away just a little by the glamorous allure of each design. Appolo Fashion keeps to its sweet tradition of dressing brides from head to toe in sophisticated gowns encrusted with jewels and the sexiest necklines. If you’re into ball gowns, the Appolo Fashion collection will surely appeal to you. See more photos below to get a glimpse of this stunning collection.

Photos: Courtesy of Appolo Fashion


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Yes! These ball gowns from Appolo Fashion are giving us goosebumps. Any time you see a gown with dramatic volume, detailed beading, and flattering silhouettes, you know you have a winner. Appolo Fashion nailed it this season bringing to life classic cuts and elements that have royal appeal and incite that fairytale happy ending!

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Hold on. Let’s just talk about the back of this ball gown for a second. It’s the perfect combination of a classic, sophisticated style with the extra sexiness that adds balance and soul. Appolo Fashion is certainly making waves in the bridal industry by creating designs that speak to the inner goddess. Am I right, or am I right?{"url":"","count":445})