Classically Timeless Anne Barge Wedding Dresses


These elegant Anne Barge wedding dresses are just what we need to start of this week! With just the right touch of classic and contemporary styles, these gowns from the fall 2015 and spring 2016 collections are perfect for any lovely wedding. The exquisite details keep these gowns completely chic and modern, but also simple and stylish.

Photos: Courtesy of Anne Barge

Anne Barge Wedding Dresses Fall 2015 Collection

This year’s fall collection is truly stunning! There are gorgeous waistline accents and pretty lace to round out some of these dresses so delicately. Classic white, ivory and even very light blush colored dresses keep this collection so stunning!

anne-barge-wedding-dresses-1-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-2-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-3-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-4-09132015-km

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anne-barge-wedding-dresses-5-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-6-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-7-09132015-km

There’s a lot of strapless and mermaid dress action going on in these collections, and we absolutely adore every dress. Keep it cute, timeless and fashionable with a simple, elegant style that will somehow still look just as fabulous when you look back at pictures in 20 years.

anne-barge-wedding-dresses-8-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-9-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-10-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-11-09132015-km

Anne Barge Wedding Dresses Spring 2016 Collection

I’m loving the use of intricate lace designs in the spring 2016 collection of Anne Barge wedding dresses! The waistlines are all so similar and flattering bringing sophistication and poise to another level!

anne-barge-wedding-dresses-12-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-13-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-14-09132015-km

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anne-barge-wedding-dresses-15-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-16-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-17-09132015-km anne-barge-wedding-dresses-18-09132015-km

These graceful gowns seem like they’ll never go out of style! The French and Italian inspired Anne Barge wedding dresses keep these collections so romantic and luxurious with their delicate details. Excuse me while I scroll back up and fall in love all over again!{"url":"","count":9})