Edgy Basil Soda Evening Dresses in Bold Colors


You know, every once in a while we come across designers who make the heart melt into a puddle. Basil Soda is certainly one of those designers. This Fall-Winter 2015-2016 collection features some of the hottest evening gowns of the season! I get these questions all the time from brides: “Where can I find a dress for the engagement party and photo shoot?” or “What do I wear to the rehearsal dinner?” The truth is that you can wear whatever you want, but make it amazing! Here are a few magnificent Basil Soda dresses to inspire you.

Photos: Courtesy of Basil Soda

basil-soda-1-09162015-ky basil-soda-2-09162015-ky basil-soda-3-09162015-ky basil-soda-4-09162015-ky

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basil-soda-5-09162015-ky basil-soda-6-09162015-ky basil-soda-7-09162015-ky

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basil-soda-9-09162015-ky basil-soda-10-09162015-ky basil-soda-11-09162015-ky basil-soda-12-09162015-ky

Basil Soda takes a bold approach to color, bringing in soft pastel pinks and oranges for fall and winter. Featuring luxe tulle and lace elements with the most brilliant shape and silhouettes, the collection reflects the designer’s creative edginess. I so wish I could fill my closet with every single one. Gosh!!

basil-soda-13-09162015-ky basil-soda-14-09162015-ky basil-soda-15-09162015-ky basil-soda-16-09162015-ky basil-soda-17-09162015-ky basil-soda-18-09162015-ky basil-soda-19-09162015-ky basil-soda-20-09162015-ky basil-soda-21-09162015-ky basil-soda-22-09162015-ky basil-soda-23-09162015-ky

Dressing up is one of the fun parts about planning your wedding. With various occasions to attend, sky’s the limit when it comes to your own style preferences. We love the Basil Soda collection for its unique approach to translating the modern woman’s style. Who knew evening dresses from Basil Soda could be so dreamy?!