Fresh White Wedding Ideas for Modern Inspiration

A white wedding has a special allure about it like no other. There’s something so fresh and exhilarating about a white wedding with blooming centerpieces filled with exotic orchids or plump ranunculus flowers. Be it winter or spring, brides are getting gutsy with the white wedding decor to create magical wedding wonderlands that are easy on the eyes and oh-so inspiring. See more amazing ideas below!

white-weddings-3-09132015-kyFeatured Photography: Shaun Menary via Style Me Pretty

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White wedding bouquets pack a bold punch when created intentionally to channel the soft, whimsical energy in the room. If you want to add just a hint of color to a white wedding idea, simple pink shades, gold, and accents of green are perfect supplemental colors to add to your design giving your look another dimension of character without over powering the weigh of your white decor.

white-weddings-11-09132015-ky Featured Cake: Restoration Cake | Featured Photography: Dan Joneswhite-weddings-12-09132015-kyFeatured Photography: Pure7Studios via Every Last Detail | Featured Cake: Bake My Day

We love wedding cakes, especially white wedding cakes with a rich modern twist and simple unique floral design. There’s something about a sweet white cake that gets the taste buds in a frenzy just by the mere sight. Follow through with the white theme all the way down to the cake color, and you have yourself one seamlessly designed wedding!

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White is the color of purity and romance, so opting for a fresh white wedding theme is fitting for the big celebration. It’s a great way to add a luxury twist to your wedding with color alone and a bit of planning.{"url":"","count":131})